Our idea and our values

For a long time now, we are solving problems with processing large amounts of data on large scales. We are building one of the largest GPU server rooms and we are freely offering its abilities to our clients. 

We want to make processing large amounts of data easy so anybody could work with them without having lots of HW with high performance.

We solve your problems for you

Are you sure you don’t need your services?

Process your data from anywhere

You don’t need to be at your desktop PC to render your data. You can just simply send your data from anywhere and anytime.  

Save your valuable time

You don’t need to wait for your computer to make difficult calculations. Just use our HW and use your own PC for what is important to you without having performance issues. 

Compatibility? No problem!

You need to process a file from colleague of yours and you have no proper SW? Let us take care of it!

Save your hardware

Why degrade your expensive hardware when you can use third-party hardware and save lifespan of the one of yours?

Work fast

Nobody loves leaving his work undone. Sometimes it is hard to get back into it. But you don’t have to!

Get advice

Are you still unsure whether we can handle the services directly for you? Do not hesitate to contact us and ask us anything. We will be happy to help you.

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